We are looking to hire a church custodian. If you are interested in a job where you get to work with great people for a godly purpose, this just might be the job for you! Read over the job description below, and if interested, download an application by clicking HERE. Then bring your completed application by our church office, which is located at 401 W. 1st street, across from the U.S. Bank.


A person with a strong Christian faith and a support of the ministry of the church.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of cleaning equipment, products, techniques and standards.
Skill in using cleaning products and equipment.
Skill in following verbal and written instructions.

Minimum Qualifications:

One year custodial experience; OR any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved.

Job Details:

1. Be directly responsible to the Senior Pastor or his designee.
2. Establish and maintain a daily schedule based on 32 hours per week (Monday-Thursday).
3. Check at the beginning of each week with the Senior Pastor or his designee for a calendar of upcoming events.
4. Oversee the daily and weekly cleaning of all church facilities including the main church building, and the fellowship hall. Including spot cleaning carpets as needed and shampooing entryways and stripping and waxing the tile in Fellowship Hall twice a year.
5. Vacuuming, dusting, trash pickup, emptying trash cans, cleaning windows, overall cleanliness of the restrooms (toilets, urinals, mopping floors, restocking toilet paper, paper towels, hand soaps, etc.).
6. Sweep front and back porches and steps. Keep sidewalks and steps clear during the winter months when it snows.
7. Clean classrooms, offices, restrooms, elevator and hallways to make sure they are ready for the weekly activities.
8. Set up tables for events as per requested by the party using the facility.
9. Clean up after weddings and funerals. (See the House and Grounds Usage Plan).
10. Fill and empty the baptistery.
11. Maintain lighting and AC/Heating filters, changing light bulbs and filters as needed. Also maintain all equipment such as vacuums, mops, brooms and trash cans/bags when they need repair or replacement.
12. Work closely with the Buildings and Grounds committee to ensure the facilities are in working order and report anything that needs attention. Also the Buildings and Grounds committee can request that the custodian takes care of any areas that they feel needs attention. Order supplies according to church policy as needed.
13. Meet cleaning needs of staff.
14. Regulate and set thermostats for when the building are in use (Sunday/ Wednesday/funerals/meeting etc).

Vacation and Sick Leave:

Vacations and sick leave must be discussed with the supervisor who will arrange for an approved substitute.
Vacations for support staff will be granted according to church policy.