our Student Ministry

Our Student Ministries is for students currently in grades 7-12! In addition to our Sunday morning Connection Groups, we meet on Sunday evenings at 5 PM for worship, fellowship, fun and serious time in the Word!

Our mission is simple: To expose students to Jesus Christ through the study of His Holy Scriptures, through worship and fellowship, and maturing them as a disciple of Christ. Then we release them into the world to reach their peers for Christ! The following summarizes our philosophy in our ministry to students.

Our ministry to students is . . .

1. Bible Based - We work hard to make sure that everything we believe and teach is based on the solid foundation of the Word of God. Our youth ministry reflects our church’s belief that the Bible is a divinely inspired and fully reliable record of God’s revelation of Himself to us. It is our only rule for faith and practice. Therefore, in endeavoring to provide answers to the questions asked by today’s youth, we always ask, “What does the Bible say?”

2. Relevant - In seeking to provide answers from God’s Word, we seek to answer questions that youth are asking. We do not dodge the “tough” questions being asked by today’s youth. We believe that the Christian faith is a reasonable faith that makes sense and that the Bible has satisfying answers to even the most difficult questions.

3. Challenging - In seeking to be consistent with the teaching of the Bible, we regularly remind youth of the call of Christ, who said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me,” (Luke 9:23). Cornerstone students are constantly and consistently challenged to consider what it means to “take up their cross” and follow Christ in their personal life, their social life, their school life, and their home life.

4. Transformational - Our goal in youth ministry is to see young men and women transformed by the power of God to become fully devoted followers of Jesus who can be used to see spiritual transformation come to their friends, their families, their schools and their communities. We want to see unbelieving youth transformed into believers in Christ; and we want to see believing youth transformed into fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ who are living their lives on mission for Him.

5. Fun - We firmly believe that the Christian life is not dull! Therefore, we have a lot of fun within the fellowship of Cornerstone Student Ministries. We invite you to join us!

Below are some specifics about our Student Ministry:

Youth Connection Groups

Youth Connection happens every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM in our Youth Area. We have one group for our Middle School students and another group for our High School students.


Our Middle School group is led by Scott Richard and our High School group is led by Michael Speegle.


These groups focus on in-depth Bible study, prayer and dealing with questions our students have about God, the Bible, or about life.

Impact Youth ministry

On Sunday nights at 5 PM this summer, we meet in the Youth area for a time to focus on worship, fellowship, and discipleship.

Students are welcome to arrive as early to enjoy time together "hanging out." Afterwards, we have a time of worship and study in God's Word together.

First Family Discipleship Class

Strengthen your family! Go through this class together. It’s for 7th graders up through senior adults. It’s an inter-generational class. Ideally, our students participate in this class with their parents. We meet on Sundays at 5 PM.

We follow the same schedule as our AWANA program. So parents, youth, and other adults, join us for this class as the kids are in AWANA!

These studies are planned on a three-year cycle, with courses covering such topics as 1) apologetics, 2) doctrine, 3) spiritual disciplines, and 4) practical skills for Christian living.

The Landing

The Landing is a year-round program designed for middle schoolers and high schoolers that helps them travel the path to true freedom, healing, and wholeness, in a safe, supportive place. The Landing mirrors the curriculum used in the Celebrate Recovery program. This allows healing for the whole family.

We meet every Tuesday night, from 5:30 to 8:00 in the First Baptist Portales Fellowship Hall, located at 101 S AVE D (Yes, that's 101 SAVED).


5:30-6:00 pm - Family meal time to start the evening off. Join us for a great meal! There's no charge, but we do accept donations.

6:00-7:00 pm - Large Group Session. We join the adults in a time of worship, followed by teaching or a testimony. 

7:00-8:00 pm - We participate in Open Share Groups. This is a time when we separate from the adults and break into groups (girls & boys separate), and meet with others with similar hurts, hang-ups and habits.